Colin Carman

Colin Carman took his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008 and is a recent Mayers Fellow at the Huntington Library. His essays can be found in European Romantic Review, Studies in Scottish LiteratureHorror Studies, GLQ, and The Brokeback Book.  He has taught at Colby College, Santa Barbara City College, and is currently teaching British and American Literature at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado.

“On Being on the Road,” in The G&LR, can be found here:

Email: colinecarman at

4 thoughts on “Colin Carman”

  1. wordschat said:

    I very much enjoy reading your blog entries and thank you for having found my blog as well. You have a dry wit with an edge when you poke fun and criticize a movie but not in a mean spirited way. I look forward to reading more of your entries especially GLBT fair.

  2. love the blog….love movies!!!!!!!! let’s go sometime:)

  3. Nice blog :) Some great reviews, look forward to checking out some more

  4. wordschat said:

    Hey Colin, maybe you already got this award, if so congrats you got it again from me. Check it out off my blog

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