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Monthly Archives: January 2013

4 Tips to Shopping for the Right Mortgage

4 Tips to Shopping for the Right MortgageI’m not actually going to be talking about the economic crisis that we’re all suffering from today. What I’m going to be discussing though, is a solution to help all of us adapt the new situation and be able to come out of it with no serious damage. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or wealthy, because this last economic shift has touched every one of us with varying degrees. Continue reading

The Best Mortgage Refinance Options

The Best Mortgage Refinance OptionsThere are many mortgage refinance options available to you when wanting to update or renew your loan. We will discuss a few of those here. The main reason most people refinance is to lower their payments due to lower interest rates. By taking advantage of the lower rates they can lower monthly payments thereby saving money. One other good reason is that perhaps their Continue reading