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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why Get a Loan Modification? What’s in it For Me?

Why Get a Loan Modification? What's in it For Me?Homeowners might have many reasons for seeking loan modification on their home mortgage loans. Borrowers can petition for modification when they need it most. When your circumstances are extremely dire, it can be the best thing to get things back to normal.

Usually, borrowers forget to look at their options when they are at risk for foreclosure in the wake Continue reading

Teasing Me, Is Not Pleasing Me

Teasing Me, Is Not Pleasing MeTeaser rates on variable mortgage products looked great at the beginning. Borrowers are starting to come out from the affect of the ether and waking up to a rate that is in some cases DOUBLE from where they started. A lender would offer ½% to 1.0% below Prime rate (currently just increased to 8.25%) for say the first six months then go up to say just Prime. There were multiple combinations offered to attract Continue reading

Mortgage Refinance With Bad Credit – How to Start?

Mortgage Refinance With Bad Credit - How to Start?In the last two years, thanks to the down economy, one of the most important topics that has been discussed often is the homeowners suffering high monthly payments and high interest rates. Many property owners are falling slowly backwards on payments resulting in rising market for the mortgage refinance with bad credit.

Is it currently the best time to apply and why?

As a matter Continue reading