Although it can be a difficult process to quit smoking there are obvious benefits to seeing it through to the end. You will save a heap of money that can be used on spoiling your family or even yourself. You won’t have to go outside every 30 minutes to have a smoke in social events. But the most obvious benefit is that your health will be improved. This article will discuss the stop smoking effects on your body when you manage to quit.

Even after the first day of being smoking free your body will start to change. In effect, it will start to heal itself. Your blood pressure will come down, your heart rate may drop and more oxygen will get into the bloodstream than previously. Cardiovascular and circulatory problems, like atherosclerosis, will be reduced if you keep off the smokes. The chances of heart attacks due to smoking will also be reduced.  Within a week you will probably find your food is tastier and be more aware of aromas and smells of your food. Smoking dulls the taste buds and blocks the sinuses. By stopping smoking, these senses will be improved.

A few months after you quit smoking your circulation will start to improve and you will have more capacity in your lungs. This means you will feel fitter and be able to exercise more. You will be able to walk, jog of play sports without gasping for air. The persistent cough that you got used to when you smoked will stop. You will not be short of breath as often a before.

If you are looking for some quit smoking aids, check with and you will probably know the different stop smoking kit. There are many anti-smoking companies that all competing with each other to get your business. As each stop smoking kit has some unique function, they usually have many similarities too. Some of these kits may not so expensive while others are quite expensive. However if you are like most people, you are probably quite confused to choose which stop smoking product is going to be the best for you.

One kind of kit is a two-part program which helps you to stop smoking without using any nicotine in the process. Its purpose is to reduce irritability, tobacco craving and nervous tension which come due to nicotine withdrawal. This two-part program deals with the craving reduction as well as the body detoxification.

It is a process that naturally alleviates your body of the cravings and toxins that have developed in your body through the years. This program offers you lozenges that help to reduce your nicotine cravings and detoxifying tablets to help clean your body out to maintain you free from nicotine.

Another popular stop smoking kit involves hypnosis that available online. You may have an interactive online hypnosis session with a trained hypnotist just by paying a low fee. Hypnosis has proven to be effective in quitting smoking by many people. Moreover they also offer you a free book about smoking as well as the decision to stay with the sessions as long as you think you need them. Many offline hypnotists also offer the same program but only with a CD that you can bring home for extra help.

A stop smoking kit developed by two men from Kentucky is another famous and effective way to stop smoking and stay smoke free forever. This kit contains participation booklets that list all the different stop smoking aids such as lozenges, patches or other nonprescription items. It helps the individual find out which the best choice is suitable for them.

You also may get a DVD which has 13 different sessions with each about 15 minutes in duration. The individual can have one session per week while using whichever aid they are prefer. If the program is followed per lessons, the individual usually should be smoke-free and nicotine free after 12 weeks.

There are also many stop smoking herbs available today which help with the quitting smoking process. Although these herbs won’t make you quit smoking, they will help your body become nicotine free much quicker by decreasing the amount of nicotine cravings you should usually get if you wanted to stop smoking on your own. Many people like this concept because they are all natural solutions to your smoking problem.

Regardless of which stop smoking kit you will prefer, it is important that you follow the direction it given because the main reason why most individuals fail is that they make differences from the original program or plan.

Nowadays, more and more studies show that smoking could bring a lot of harmful impacts on the smokers and many people would find that smoking would make them have a bad health. Therefore, a lot of people would like to quit smoking. When they try to quit smoking, they would try to use different stop smoking medications.

There are some smoking medications which are popular among the users. And a lot of doctors would suggest a certain kind of stop smoking medications. And one of the most popular one would surely be the nicotine replacement. In fact, when people try to use this kind of replacement, they could also consider taking the Prozac.

Prozac is one of the medicines which could help people to tackle the problem of depression. Bring an anti-depression agent it could help people to solve the problem of feeling sad of staying away from tobacco. When people first start the work to stop smoking, they would usually feel sad because they would think that they are leaving their old friends and they would not feel happy most of the time. Therefore, they would need Prozac which could help them relieve the symptom of feeling sad.

During the process of taking the stop smoking medication, different types of medicines would be taken so as to suppress the feeling of smoking. As a result, some people would easily find that they would lose their appetite. They would report that they would eat less after they start taking the medication. And some people would report that taking Prozac together with other anti-smoking agents would make them further lose their appetite.

Just like everything in the world, taking the Prozac during the course of anti-smoking could cause some problems. For instance, when people first take this kind of anti-depressing agent they would report that they feel depressed. It looks odd, right?

Actually, this is one of the side effects of this kind of drug. When there is a drastic change in the doses of the medicine, people would easily feel depressed. This is the reason why patients would need to gradually increase the doses of this medicine and gradually decrease the doses later when they finish the stop smoking course.

Despite the fact that it is ironic that taking the anti-depression medicine could cause depression, a lot of doctors would still recommend their patients to take this medicine during the stop smoking course because the effect of the drug in the middle of the course could be useful to reduce the sad feeling of the patients. As long as the dose is a gradually changing one, the side effects would be minimal and the benefits could be optimized.

Thus, you do not need to worry that the stop smoking process would be hurt when you take Prozac. Instead, a suitable dose of Prozac could help you finish the course of stop smoking successfully and this is something that plenty of people would work hard to do. Therefore, you should also have a trial.