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Mortgage and Lending Companies

Mortgage and Lending CompaniesPlanning to buy a home? Buying a home is undoubtedly the biggest investment of your life. So you have to be careful while going for a mortgage loan. You will find several mortgage lending companies promising the lowest rate. But you need to do adequate research to opt for the best one. Among all the mortgage and lending companies, you will have to select the company capable of fulfilling Continue reading

Mortgage Insurance: Maybe Not

Mortgage Insurance: Maybe NotThe last thing you’d want would be to die and leave a huge debt to your children, family or friends: mortgage life insurance plays on this fear to try to exploit a larger sum of money, with less flexibilty than a standard life insurance policy.

Mortgage life insurance policies declare your mortgage as being moot compared to your life, insuring that if you die, or are seriously disabled or injured Continue reading

Look at Annual Percentage Rate (APR) before You Leap on Mortgage

Look at Annual Percentage Rate (APR) before You Leap on MortgageThe Annual Percentage Rate tells the true cost of borrowing. There are cost involve to acquire a mortgage. By nature, the buyers look at the lowest possible interest rate. It is not enough to know just actual interest rate. As each mortgage lender has different cost, you need different calculation for each mortgage lender. If you know the how much cost of borrowing, there are annual Continue reading

Facts About Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

Facts About Fixed Rate Home Equity LoansWhen you are considering to take a home equity loan you should know about how the rates are going to be calculated. There are two different options, one are the fixed rate home equity loans, and the other have a variable rate. The fixed rates are usual at the closed-end home equity loans. That means, that you get the money that you have borrowed and cannot loan more. The amount that you can loan is determined Continue reading

Pay Off Mortgage 2x Faster

Pay Off Mortgage 2x FasterIf you want to pay off your mortgage, be free and save thousands of dollars in interest then there is a simple way for you to do it.

We know that any mortgage pay off technique is designed to make sure your money is going to the principle. It seems tough to pay off mortgage amortization schedules because the majority of your mortgage payments are going to pure interest. But, Continue reading

Home Refinancing – Choosing a Lender

Home Refinancing - Choosing a LenderWhen obtaining home refinancing, most borrowers do not consider that they have a choice of the lender that they work with. They also may not be aware that in most instances the broker is different than the lender. Once the loan is placed, the borrower has little or no control over the sale of their mortgage refinance contract, but during the application and documentation phase, Continue reading

FHA Secure Refinance For Reset Mortgage Rates

FHA Secure Refinance For Reset Mortgage RatesAre you a good borrower who has struggled recently with late mortgage payments because your adjustable loan was reset to a high rate, or because of a temporary financial hardship?

The good news is that you may be able to take advantage of the FHA Secure program and refinance into a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. The potential bad news is that you have to qualify using the standard Continue reading

Low-Credit Score Loans

Low-Credit Score LoansYou can still get a good rate on your mortgage with less-than-perfect credit with an FHA loan. A mortgage is a major expense. But it can be even more costly when your credit score is less than perfect as you may end up being charged a higher interest rate for a subprime mortgage.

How do you avoid having to pay a higher rate? One way is to pay down your debt, and establish Continue reading

What to Look for in a Home Equity Line of Credit

What to Look for in a Home Equity Line of CreditThere are certain terms of a home equity line of credit that you should be looking for when shopping around. Certain terms will make the line of credit more beneficial than other terms. So when you are looking for next home equity line of credit, make sure that these terms are associated with the loan before signing on the dotted line.

Application Fee or No Application Fee?

Most Continue reading

The Key to a Loan Modification

The Key to a Loan ModificationDo you want to get a loan modification? Are you struggling to obtain a mortgage modification? Have you been turned down or is your lender using delay tactics? Well, the key to your success might be simpler than you think.

According to an insider report, loss mitigation experts agree that most mortgage modifications are turned down due to poor hardship letters.

If you do not have Continue reading